180 million year old pregnant Ichthyosaur

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Origin (country) Germany
Dimension (hxwxd) 350.0 x 100.0 x 10.0 cm
Weight (kilo) 180
A pregnancy of 180 million years ago, captured in rock, preserved forever. Besides being an extraordinary fossil, “Mutti” (the nickname for this Ichthyosaur, German for Mommy) can be seen as a symbol for motherhood, fertility and femininity. This female ichthyosaur is unique because she was carrying two offspring that can be seen clearly in her abdomen, making her a symbol of femininity and motherhood. Ichthyosaur was an ancient sea monster that ruled the oceans approximately 251 million years ago, 20 million years before dinosaurs came about. Icthyosaur means “Fish Lizards” in Greek. They existed for 100 million years. They were at the top of the marine food chain.
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